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I would like to thank Gordon Bronitsky for introducing me to showcase our throat singing talent, there is a growing interest in Inuit culture. My first experience with the Bronitsky & Associates was wonderful. They have given me the opportunity to demonstrate Inuit throat singing to audiences from all over the world. I am thankful, if it weren’t for the help we received, I would not have known where to start in order to educate people about the Inuit culture. My throat singing partner Maria Illungiayok and I were just in Ireland, August 2007, for the Festival of World Cultures, and we were well received. The tremendous help and direction given to us by Gordon and his staff made this possible. This trip has given us more opportunities to seize in the future. (Pictured above)
Lois Suluk-Locke

Inuit Throat Singer, Arviat, Nunavut, Canada

. . . As always, we are deeply grateful for your enthusiasm and support of these cultural diplomacy efforts.
Erik S. Pugner

Public Affairs Officer, U.S. Consulate General Vladivostok, Vladivostok, Russia

We appreciated your visit here in Belgrade at the Ethnographic Museum last year… Your presentation on the business of the performing arts at the regional conference on intangible heritage was very well received to the audience of experts… Dusica Zivkovic, the Deputy Minister at the Ministry of Culture, has shared with us her appreciation of her meeting with you as it provided valuable insights into the organization and promotion of the business of culture… We are glad we have been able to begin working with you to create a performing arts festival here in Serbia and we look forward to continued cooperation with your company.
Sasa Sreckovic

Senior Curator, Ethnograhpic Museum in Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia

Thank you for the wonderful speaking tour you arranged for me to the University of Texas, Jemez Pueblo, University of Hawaii and the University of Minnesota, all in two weeks, in 2011. It was a tribute to your professionalism that such an extensive tour went so well and so smoothly in every detail. Your business is an invaluable asset to Indigenous artists and communities around the world.
Magne Ove Varsi

Senior Advisor, Galdu Resource Centre for the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, Kautokeino, Norway

The passion and skills that Bronitsky and Associates bring to their work is a definite value add to any cultural event or festival. Gordon and his team have a wealth of expertise working across all art forms and have the demonstrated experience in delivering at the highest level and on a consistent basis. We have over the years been impressed with the way they are able to negotiate the complexities of the international cross-cultural landscape while at the same time produce high quality and engaging cultural programs.
Ken Palmer and Patricia Palmer

Managing Directors, ArtWorks, Dubai, U.A.E

It is so important for Indigenous artists and performers to be exposed to the international marketplace. Bronitsky and Associates have presented me with opportunities to present Heath Bergersen at the International Indigenous Business and Entrepreneurship Conference in New Mexico, USA as well as the World of Melody Festival in Mongolia. It has been great working with Gordon and his team for not only do they support the introductions but they are there for the follow though. I look forward to Jiriki Management’s continued association with Bronitsky and Associates.
Beverley Webb

Jiriki Management, Western Australia

It has been twelve wonderful years working with Gordon and his staff. We have travelled to many countries and have met some wonderful people and made some great friends. Our Navajo culture has been welcomed by these people and this has made us and our children stronger.
Linda Davis

Chinle Valley Singers, Chinle, Arizona

I was always interested in the work of Bronitsky and Associates over a period of fours years receiving, newsletters and correspondence, from Dr. Gordon Bronitsky. Over these period I learned alot from the exchanging of information, over the internet and found Gordon to be a very inspirational person and friend who we now call ourself “Wantoks”, Melanesian Pidgin for Friends, although I have yet to meet him in person, the load of information that he has shared with me has been very inpiring in my work in Papua New Guinea.

It is through Gordon’s exchange of information that brought me to developing a first-ever International Singsing Festivol & Seminar on Sustainable Natural Resource Management, that brought together NGO’s Government, institutions, and business in Morobe province and Papua New Guinea. I have also during these time produced the Groups, Bui Generation Japan tour, 3 times since 2002 recently Sing Sing Troupe PNG to Taiwan in 2007. This was also through Gordon Bronitsky and Associates.

I continue to be an advocate in the promotion of Culture, Environment and the Arts from PNG to the world. Through Gordon Bronitsky and Associates I will bring Papua New Guinea to the World cultures and also the world to visit Papua New Guinea.

Maine Winny

Village Development Trust, Papua New Guinea

I am writing to thank you for working with the Embassy’s Public Affairs Section to bring the Navajo Fashion Show to Moscow. The Show became one of the U.S. Embassy’s priority cultural projects this year.
Alexander Vershbow

Embassy of the United States of America, Moscow, Russia

[Governor Richardson] would like to convey his enthusiastic congratulations for your efforts in bringing the Fernando Cellicion Traditional Zuni Dancers to Mongolia. This effort will serve our state in many diverse ways and you are to be commended for all of the hard work that you undertook to make this a successful venture.
Stuart A. Ashman

Secretary, Department of Cultural Affairs, State of New Mexico, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Embassy of the United States of America

Muscat, Sultantate of Oman
August 21, 2012

To Whom It May Concern,

On behalf of our Public Affairs Section and the entire U.S. Embassy in Muscat, I would like to express our appreciation to the Chinle Valley Singers for their exceptional performances and public outreach engagements in Oman during July 2012. We highly recommend the Chinle Valley Singers as performers of traditional Navajo songs and dance. During their time in Oman, the Singers were the highlight of the Embassy’s participation in this year’s Salalah Tourism Festival, the largest cultural even in Oman. Their performances were a true testament to the cultural diversity and heritage of the United States, and well-received by Omani audiences.

Through the Singers’ unique performances, which generated extensive media coverage, we were able to reach out to youth and families throughout Oman. In addition, the Chinle Valley Singers visited two schools in Muscat and Salalah, providing an excellent interactive program for students of English. In all of the Singers’ engagements, our colleagues and interlocutors valued the group’s professionalism and positive spirit.

We wish the Chinle Valley Singers all the best in their future endeavors, and look forward to future opportunities for them to deepen the friendship between the United States and people around the world.


W. Johann Schmonsees
Charge d’Affaires a.i.

W. Johann Schmonsees

Charge d'Affaires a.i., Embassy of the United States of America, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman

Tiba Kalanga!

TG Silundika Cultural Community Centre

20 September 2019

Recommendation of Professor Gordon Bronitsky to the Fulbright Program

It gives me a great pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Professor Bronitsky for a Fulbright scholarship. I have known Gordon for almost 4 years, since the time he successfully facilitated an International Cultural Marketing Workshop at our center in south western Zimbabwe under the Fulbright program with Lupane State University in 2016. From the first time we met, Gordon struck me as a person of intellectual and personal integrity and accomplishment.

I can attest to his commitment to his work. Gordon does his work conscientiously, normally seeking out work that challenges him and has an amazing capacity for fulfilling his responsibility. He is organized in his goal setting. This is evidenced by the success with which he facilitated our workshop culminating in the adoption of an annual cultural festival, the TiBaKalanga Festival which in 2020, will be in its forth year running.

Intellectually, he is exceptional. Professor Bronitsky has the most enviable analytical skills, one of the best professors I’ve ever worked with.

I give Professor Bronitsky my highest and unqualified recommendation.


Felix F Silundika
Project Manager
TG Silundika Cultural Community Centre

Felix F Silundika

Project Manager, TG Silundika Cultural Community Centre

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